Servicing Residential, Small Business and Commercial Electronics Recycling Needs.

Ewaste Solutions, Woburn, MA
Electronics Recycling Simplified

Mike Doran

Ewaste Solutions takes all of the following materials & more. Call for details - 781-933-0709.

Radio, TV, DVD, Microwave ovens
Computer Systems
CPUs, monitors, printers, scanners, storage devices, servers, networking systems, UPS Batteries, MP3 players (iPods), Video Game Systems
Financial Systems
Retail/check-out, banking/teller, ATMs
Security Systems
Monitoring and detection equipment, alarm panels
Office equipment
Copiers, fax machines, imaging systems, printing systems, fluorescent lighting
Telecommunications Equipment
Telephones, switching systems, PBXs, transmitters, receivers, microwave systems
Test and Measurement Equipment
Oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal processors